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Look! A Rocket!

Look! A Rocket!


DREAMERS is the ultimate adventurer collection.

For those who are not afraid (except sometimes when it is dark or there is a monster under the rug), 

For those who wake up playing hide and seek and always find the best spots,

For those who love to jump, laugh and roll on the floor,

For those full or emotions,

For those whose best friend is SuperMan and who fly every night to the moon...

For those who believe nothing is impossible.

Hand-Tufted  with love from 100% New Zealand Wool.

Treated with Scotch Guard to protect your rug from stains.

120cm x 160cm. Contact us for custom sizes as this rug can be made round, square or rectangular, with or without border and in any colour scheme you desire.

Dispatched within 4-6 weeks by international courier.

Worldwide delivery available

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