Studio Sirio


Studio Sirio can design and produce ANY rug you want... let your imagination be the guide - we love creating bespoke rugs for our clients!


let's be creative...

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So you have this great idea in mind...

... or may be just a theme that you'd like us to explore for you to create a perfect rug?

We will be more than happy to help you craft it! Our team of talented designers have several styles that we will show you, we will then create a couple of mood boards for you to help us assess the direction you want to go to and we'll agree on a final design,  pick the colours, show you the CAD for approval and your rug will be at home about 6-8 weeks after that!

We can make different pile heights, match any colour and  shape the rug in pretty much anything you like!

Our pricing starts at £300/sqm for a hand tufted rug and £600/sqm for hand knotted, all in 100% New Zealand Wool. And we can also add silk or viscose of course.

Contact us for specific quotes and more details.